Bill makes a complete range of acoustic and acoustic electric ukuleles and also solid body bass ukes.
The tone and volume of the instruments can be tailored to your  playing style. They are determined by; the timber type and thickness, body configuration and
size, internal bracing, soundboard timber and even the type of finish used.
CRW_4448_blackwood_conc concert blsckwood small #78 Maple Concert front small
The bass's have piezo under saddle pickup coupled with an on board active pre amp.
There are 4 types of strings which will vary the output sound from the double bass style to a tighter more funky sound which works well in Motown songs.
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Acoustic ukes
2013-12-18 steampunk terrin 006 IMG_4514 punkbass small web pic bass uke progress shot
Steampunk Bass Richard G