Practice tips

· Have regular short practice sessions. New students
who have one or two marathon practice sessions
often become discouraged and give up.
· Listen to a song on the CD and read the associated
teaching comments. Get a feel for the song, stamp
your own style on the music and you will really start
to develop as a ukulele player.
· To develop the appropriate timing for a song you will
need to play along with the melody, either from the
CD or by singing.
· Listen to a song and clap along to find the basic
rhythm. Then hold your strings loosely with your left
hand and transfer the rhythm into a strumming
pattern with your right hand.
· Always keep to the beat of the song by tapping your
foot. Loosen up a bit, stand up and move your body
to the music. That way as well as keeping the beat
you will develop a natural tendency to find the
rhythm within each song and your strumming will
become fabulous.
· Put down the music book and listen for the chord
changes, there is no quicker way to learn. Given time
you will be able to play the chords simply by singing
or ‘thinking’ the melody. 
· Don’t be in a hurry to master the ukulele but play
with the instrument and focus on making music right
from the start. You will be encouraged by rewards,
which will make learning fun and progress steady.
· There is plenty of time to learn the more complex
techniques. Enjoy where you are right now and the
rest will be easy.

As you work through the book step by step you become
more proficient, by increasing your range of chords and
strumming skills so that bingo- one day you will become a
fine player of the ukulele.